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September 2009
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from memory:

blind willie johnson - dark was the night
miles davis - in a silent way
david sylvian & holger czukay - mutability (a new beginning is in the offering)
james blackshaw - past has not passed
rudi arapahoe - forest of arches
scanner - sans soleil
the caretaker - false memory syndrome
arthur russell - soon to be innocent fun
alva noto - xerrox sora
tim hecker - paragon point
machinefabriek - singel
sunn 0))) - alice

"Hence my work has been a hunting party for the wild fox that is the nexus of dissonance and melody. There are many possible ways to hunt the fox; it gives me a reason to keep on." -tim hecker

oode xiii sets are up:
mine is here:

[edit: had a bunch of problems with needles skipping. something wasn't right with those. mix is plagued with distortion in a bunch of places too, not sure if i was redlining it or what. anyways, the mix is %75 the same as the one i posted earlier]

[edit#2: you can hear someone yelling at 1:12:18, always fun when the needles work like microphones =)]

alva noto - xerrox monophaser 2
quantec - ray of hope (a made up sound remix)
T++ - Audio 1995#8_2
ad vanz vs. gescom - viral
millie - sample clearance
autechre - bass cadet (Bcdtmx)
lucid dream (john tejada) - grip
surgeon - whose bad hands are these (autechre remix)
F - the untitled dub
TRG - decisions
toasty - the knowledge (untold remix)
untold - sweat
scuba - braille diving
martyn - all i have is memories
ramadanman - core
ramadanman - humber (sven weisemann mix)
black noise - nature of the beast (mike grant mix)
convextion - untitled (AA side of convextion ep)
burial - u hurt me
corrina joseph - lonely (original mix)


msg from my good friend scott (short version: they make shirts, buy them!):

As some of you may know, Aumelina and I have taken a huge financial
risk and started a new company called Slate Clothing LLC
( The purpose of the company is to produce very
high quality blank tees, sweatshirts, and accessories locally - right
in here in Seattle. We have put a huge amount of time and money to
get to the point we are at now - ready to take orders.

So I am putting out the message that we need these orders to start
coming in! Our products are very nice, much nicer than American
Apparel, Alternative Apparel, or any other blanks that I have seen on
the market. As a result they cost a bit more, and this will be our
main challenge - especially in the first year, it takes a while for
people to associate the name with the quality. This is where you come
in -

Anything you can do to get the word out and generate interest will be
incredibly helpful. If you have a project that calls for printing up
some shirts, I hope you can at least consider ours. If you work at a
company that occasionally buys tees for marketing, team incentives,
events - again it would be great if you could point the person in
charge our way. Companies like Microsoft do their tee shirts with a
promotional products company. We need those promotional products
companies to hear about us. Just hearing the name from a client is a
huge step.

This company will either gloriously survive or sadly fail in the next
9 months. If it succeeds, it will be a very ethical and beneficial
entity here in Seattle. Plus there will be lots of job opportunities
for our friends as it grows - we intend to grow as large as we can
while remaining ethical. Slate is the only blanks manufacturer in
Washington state currently. Creating local economies for things as
basic as tee shirts is essential right now, it is a great way to help
our economy - stop sending our money down to LA or worse, to China.

"Melancholy is also what drew me into music. In a lot of music that inspires me, melancholy is a really big emotion. If you listen to, say, old Detroit techno, it has these rainy, dreamy sort of strings in it but it also has a toughness about it. The combination of toughness and mellowness makes it sound kind of melancholic. If you listen to older drum n bass, like mid-90s Metalheadz sort of things, that has the same energy. It's got the melodic side but there is also a toughness to it. " - Martyn

venn diagram

quantec - ray of hope (a made up sound remix) 2008
T++ - Audio 1995#8_2 2008
ad vanz vs. gescom - viral 1998
millie - sample clearance 2009
autechre - bass cadet (Bcdtmx) 1994
lucid dream (john tejada) - grip 1996
surgeon - bad hands break 2007
F - the untitled dub 2008
TRG - decisions 2008
martyn - all i have is memories 2008
appleblim and peverelist - circling 2008
shackleton - you bring me down 2007
burial - u hurt me 2007
pangaea - bear witness 2009
appleblim & geiom 2009
pangaea - router 2008


plz enjoy


i need an internet break. wont be logging on here (unless to post a mix) again until April 23.

Current Music: martyn

ye olde dnb mix

a dnb practice mix from ten years ago. it's not the greatest quality recording, but i think it's a decent mix. worthy for friday and quadrant 6 alone. speaking of dnb if anyone has a copy of the bass cadet mix i handed out around the same time plz let me know, i seem to have lost my copy.

dillinja & lemon d - rapture - test recordings 1998
bill riley - closing in - full cycle records 1998
dj die - special treat - v recordings 1997
dj krust - check dis out - v recordings 1997
capone (dillinja) - friday - hardleaders - 1998
roni size / reprazent - watching windows (dj die gnarly instrumentlal mix) - talkin' loud 1998
outfit (dom, matrix & fierce) - new york - metro recordings 1999
mc tunes vs. 808 state - the only rhyme that bites (optical mix) - ZTT 1999
ed rush & optical - lifecrisis (origin unknown remix) - virus recordings 1998
dom & roland - trauma - renegade hardware 1998

dom & roland - killa bullet - moving shadow 1999
dylan & facs - pantsnake - fuze 1999 (most unfortunate title ever?)
shy fx - bambaataa (dillinja remix) - ebony recordings 1998
the ram trilogy - scanners - ram records 1998
dillnja - acid trak - pain 1997
roots - dreamesque - saigon 1998
dom & optical - quadrant 6 - moving shadow 1996

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can i go back in time and stay in 1992 forever plz?

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